Back to the Old Days. How Did the Price of Viagra Change Since

Do you know the history of Viagra creation? What was its main goal and how was it invented? Not all people know it. Some people think that this medicine was created to cure erectile dysfunction, but the purpose was another one. Are you interested in such details? Then read the information in our article below.

If you experience the symptoms similar to ED, it is high time you visited your doctor and got more information which, by the way, is provided here:

How did Viagra Appear: the Excursion into the Past

You may not believe but the first pills from impotence were prescribed for people who suffer from high blood pressure. These pills contained Sildenafil that was not tested properly and the scientists didn’t know its effect on human body. Doctors tested it in the private clinics wanting to help people. Both, men and women, participated in the experiment. Scientists began to suspect something unexplained when some of men refused to give the pills back when the experiment was over. First, male patients didn’t want to tell the reason, but one of them started boasting about the improvement in his sexual life. The doctors asked other patients about their intimate life and found out that all of them noticed positive changes. That day was the beginning of the Generic Viagra era that saved a lot of marriages, relations and let men feel more self-confident.

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Why do Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?

Experts say that men begin to feel sexual inability in the period between 35-40 years. Generally it is the result of a wrong life activity that is accumulating in the man’s body and at a certain period of life begins to ruin the organism. Men start losing vital energy that leads to depression and a great number of diseases. The psychologists call this period as “a middle-age crisis”. Men are still young but feel that they are getting old because of some health problems. There are men who have problems with erectile dysfunction earlier, at the age of 30-35. Why does it happen? There are several the most dangerous things that can cause impotence:

  • Too much alcohol destroys the flexibility of veins and capillary blood vessels which work plays the main role in penis rising
  • Nervous way of life causes a lot of health problems and erectile dysfunction is not an exception
  • Food that contains a lot of fat and cholesterol also blockades the flow of blood in the veins, capillaries and aorta
  • Smoking and narcotics have bad influence on the whole organism
  • Exhaustion is also included in the list of the main reasons of the impotence
  • Lack of sport activity means that the blood does not circulate in a normal way
  • Other diseases may also cause impotence (diabetes, vascular disease, disorders with nervous system, disbalance of hormones level, etc.)
  • If you take some serious drugs for a long period of time, new side effects let you know about them (one of them is loss of interest to sexual intercourse)
  • Surgical interference in some of the “erectile” parts of the body

Viagra: Can an Ordinary Man Afford it?

Some men do not want to go to the hospital because they are afraid that the medication will cost too much. They will have to spend all money on treatment and will be deprived of the possibility to enjoy their own life. The stronger sex begins to postpone or delay the problem solution and the disease turns into their everyday enemy. Psychologically this problem is one of the most serious and unbearable. Men feel their imperfection and try to stay far away from other people. Their mental impairment has a negative impact on their life and, as a result, they lose friends, families, girlfriends and sometimes even job. What solution can a simple man find? We want to give several sound recommendations:

  1. Forget about stereotypes! The sphere of medical service is highly developed nowadays and there are a lot of drugs that can help with different health disorders.
  2. Generic drugs are cheaper and an average man can get them.
  3. Do not wait till the disease wins. You are to get over the difficulties and not to let it catch you.
  4. See your doctor and get tested before you start medication.

So, What is the Price of Brand Viagra and Generic Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy?

It is difficult to believe but today you can buy Viagra only for 14 dollars! Earlier this sum was nearly 85 dollars. What is such difference connected with? There are many drugs that have the same components but have different names that are not so popular or are considered to be generic variant of the origin. Generic Viagra is safe and works the same way like original one. So, don’t feel scared! If you notice some health disorders, see your doctor and choose the medicine which you can afford even online (one of the most popular online drugstores is Canadian one).


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