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TOP 5 Natural Alternatives to Viagra

Viagra is still one of the bestselling ED pills in the world featured in nearly all international markets including China where it made a big impact several years ago and keeps growing sales wise. This is quite interesting since the vast majority of unconventional ED medications come from China and Asia in general. Nevertheless, Viagra is one of the most important drugs for Pfizer on the international stage and performs best in China and Vietnam.

Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor that helps to relax smooth muscles that control arteries near the penis so that its cavernous tissues could soak in blood easier. It is hard to compete with one of the most efficient ED pill ever created by humanity. However, there are some natural alternatives that could be quite useful for a man who wants to try something that comes directly from nature before succumbing to synthesized preparations that come out from clean yet soulless laboratories. Should you use them?

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Number 1. Panax Ginseng.

This is one of species of ginseng that populates mostly northern areas of Asia. This is a species that stands out due to many traits like longer shelf life, more micronutrients, and several therapeutic effects that were actually researched by professionals. There were 7 separate independent studies that involved both Red Ginseng and ED. A concentrated extract of the root was used to treat various forms of erectile dysfunction.

With dosages ranging from 1800 to 3000 mg per day, the medication showed some effectiveness. However, evidence had a suggestive character and did not definitively prove that Red Ginseng is efficient as an ED drug. Observations and discussions in studies also suggest that due to specific effects of the remedy on the cellular level, Red Ginseng could be more beneficial for people with higher counts of LDLP. Red Ginseng is quite effective when it comes to treating high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

All these qualities undeniably relate to ED. However, there is no way that you can substitute Viagra with Red Ginseng in case you have a severe form of ED. Sadly, the true potential of the plant is not yet researched as there is not enough evidence that the medication actually helps. The verdict is that you can try implementing Red Ginseng in your daily routine and improve your general wellbeing, but your ED issues will not go away.

Number 2. Prasterone.

One of never going away ideas is that dehydroepiandrosterone aka DHEA can help men with ED. However, this medication is not aimed at those who want to get back their manly power. For some weird reason, this naturally occurring hormone suddenly started appearing on various lists of ED drugs. In reality, Prasterone and its analogs are used to treat various cases of DHEA deficiency and some other predominantly women’s conditions such as vaginal atrophy or menopause.

Erectile dysfunction caused by physiological reasons is not rocket science (comparatively) and most cases are related to obstructions in the vascular system that lead to problems with filling cavernous tissues of the penis. In much rarer cases, the real cause of ED has a psychological background. This is why hormonal treatment rarely leads to reasonable improvements. In many cases, men who try to use various hormonal medications end up hurting their bodies.

Prasterone should not be used as a medication for ED. In fact, it should not be even sold to men since it is a very specific hormone that affects some aspects of physiology and metabolism that can be actually harmful for a man’s body. Do not use any kind of hormones without a proper consultation with a doctor.

Number 3. Yohimbe Extract.

Yohimbe is a tree that grows mostly in the Central Africa and its bark is used in nonconventional medicine. It is perceived that Yohimbe is mostly used as a medication against ED, but the practice of unconventional medicine shows that this extract is not a mere alternative to Viagra, but has a bunch of practical applications including arterial hypertension treatment and improving an immune system. Yohimbe is widely used all over Africa.

There are several studies that imply that Yohimbe extract actually can be used as a medication against ED with moderate success. Some forms of mild ED (incomplete erection, irregular inability to achieve an erection) can be treated by adding Yohimbe to your ration. However, the improvements seem to be negligible for men with more severe forms of erectile dysfunction.

This extract can not only improve the blood flow in the genital area but also alter the blood pressure level (not by a large margin). The problem is that Yohimbe is used as an aphrodisiac and its effects are not fully studied. There is some factual evidence that this extract can elevate the blood pressure in some individuals and lead to various complications such as nausea and tremors. There are also studies that suggest that this extract can help in some cases of ED.

Number 4. Rhodiola Rosea.

Another interesting all-natural supplement that can be helpful and may even substitute time-tested medications is rhodiola rosea which is a widely spread all over the world with mild climate. This plant is used in traditional medicine in many countries including Russia, Sweden, Finland, and some other Nordic countries where it is used to treat stress and increase endurance. However, there is little evidence that this extract is actually working.

Rhodiola rosea is used as a drug for ED. The problem is that studies suggest that improvements are insignificant and do not help men with severe cases of ED. Moreover, there are various research works that also suggest that this plant has from little to none therapeutic effect on conditions such as stress, anxiety, and weakness induced by high-altitudes.

Could this remedy help men with various forms of ED? There was a single research involving 35 participants with minor forms of erectile dysfunction who used from 150 to 200 mg of the extract per day. 26 of them reported minor improvements, but none reported significant positive changes to their conditions. Again, this all-natural remedy also does not stand a chance when compared to Viagra.

Number 5. Acupuncture.

There are many advocates of acupuncture and all of them claim that it is a great method of therapy that helps the vast majority of people from all over the world who try it. However, actual studies did not show that acupuncture helps with ED more than adding some food supplements or even using placebo. Acupuncture is surely an interesting technique that often brings acceptable results, but just as detox, this is not something to rely on when you need to treat a physiological dysfunction.

Practicing acupuncture is not only expensive and inconvenient, it is not really that effective and often fails to deliver the result. The effectiveness also highly depends on the qualification of the specialist who performs procedures as well as the response from the organism. Each body reacts to acupuncture differently and some people cannot even tolerate this method of therapy and feel uncomfortable receiving treatment.

While we cannot definitively state that acupuncture is not an effective method of ED treatment, there is a definitive lack of evidence that it has any effect at all. On the other hand, there is some evidence that acupuncture can be beneficial when performed regularly which can be explained by minor general improvements catalyzed by constant stimulation of the nervous system and practically massaging various responsive parts of the body.

The Main Takeaway.

There are various alternatives to Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors. The problem is that you cannot really use them as conveniently and safely as Viagra. PDE5 inhibitors such as Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil are still some of the most effective ED remedies. You can also read about interesting natural alternatives to Cialis that can be effective in some cases. Note that most of mentioned remedies are untested and often unconventional therapeutic methods.

Choosing an alternative to Viagra is like fixing something that was not broken. While all-natural supplements are beneficial, their actual effect on the body is not significant statistically. This means that you should not opt to using something unconventional when you can simply purchase a pack of Viagra pills and quickly get rid of most forms of ED.

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Sore Penis Syndrome The Causes Symptoms And Best Treatments

A raw member may be debilitating, pain or throb, and even show indications of inflammation or swelling. Actually, a member that is raw can reference any area of the member, external or internal, which is causing some sort of distress.

Generally, the member contains four principal parts, the lightbulb, which links the abdomen and the member, the shaft or body of the member, the Glans or head of the organ, as well as the urethra, which can be occasionally called the urinary and seminal tract. Member pain can grow in several of the places, or any one determined by exactly what the reason behind the pain that is member is. Or, it might grow in the nearby regions of the body such as abdomen, testicles, bladder or the prostate.

Raw Member Causes

Member pain could possibly be a sharp pain that could come with heat as well as inflammation, which can be an indication the body is attempting to correct damage or a dull ache. There are more than 15 distinct reasons for pain that is member. Some may be caused by competitive sex or injury, although some are due to diseases as well as other illnesses. The most frequent reasons for pain that is member are as follows:

This may contain detergents, soaps, lotions, condoms, latex, fabrics as well as other materials;

Bladder Stones – tough mineral deposits that collect in the bladder;

Legions and Sores – cuts, open wounds and abrasions on the organ, that might be caused by competitive sex vigorous intercourse or the reality that the sexual partner has stubble or alternative things on their genitalia which could irritate or scrape on the skin of the dick. Additionally on list of causes of sores that are open are STD’s.

Penile Cancer – legion, an increase or sore that’s not harmless and are available at first glance or inside the tissue of the organ;

Penile Implants and Operation – it could have become infected or an implant in the dick or a surgical procedure that is recently performed may be irritating the member;

Pimples – an infection of hair follicles or skin pores this is the results of bacterial accumulation;

Inferior Hygiene – cleansing and routine showering of surrounding regions and the organ is essential, if this will not happen the skin can become infected or irritated;

STD’s and Other Diseases- Chlamydia, crabs, scabies and genital herpes, thrush and other types of diseases;

Testicular Bruising – discoloration to the testicles as an outcome of an injury during action of some sort, this could happen during sexual activity or alternative recreational interests or during sports;

Urethritis – a bacterial disease of the reproductive system, that might likewise alter prostate and the bladder in men.

If you want to keep your penis healthy for years to come and delight a loved one, you can get useful and important information about health in the Facebook group.

This may include cuts, bruising and abrasions, blockages, and other types of injury; and

Raw Member Treatment

The member is raw or if any pain is experienced in the member, it is suggested that immediate medical attention be sought as some states may have long term side effects as well as sometimes may be life threatening. Medical advice additionally reduces the chance of irreversible skin damage, impairment of sexual function and manhood, and potential complications that can lead to important organ damage.

Moreover, additionally it is urged that the member health creme, (health professionals advocate Man1 Man Oil), can be used to day-to-day to reduce the harm to the raw dick also to help in cell and skin rejuvenation. These items can also be understood to soothe a dick that was debilitating as they comprise essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that keep the member in optimum state.

Raw Member Symptoms

The symptoms of pain that is organ change, with respect to the reason for the pain. But, the most frequent symptoms of a raw member are as follows:

Erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, trouble urinating, dick bruising, swelling and bleeding, member sores and lumps, urethral discharge, and member rashes and itching.

More medical information about your health on website –

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